Semantic Enrichment and Reasoning for Mobile Data Collection of Socio-Cultural Data

Open Access
Conference Proceedings
Authors: Alper CaglayanLaura CassaniTim ClarkJose AlavedraVinay BharadwajNick LeeJohn Parkes

Abstract: Leveraging the widespread adoption of mobile devices, we have developed a semantic knowledge management, mobile data collection, and situational awareness capability that enables the automatic semantic annotation and fusion of mobile collected data. The major components of our semantic knowledge management system consist of form management; data collection, aggregation, and storage; and spatially aware semantic analysis. Our research transforms the analysis of large amounts of data collected from mobile devices from an unstructured process to a structured approach leveraging semantic technology and automated tagging. Semantic technology is used to author, publish, and distribute forms to mobile devices. When submitted from the mobile device, the structured form is mapped to a semantic form to automatically generate semantic annotations from the mobile collected data for semantic enrichment. The semantic representation of the data enables users to organize, analyze, visualize, and create custom information products from the aggregated data.

Keywords: Semantic Knowledge Management, Geospatial Analysis, Mobile Data Collection, Socio-Cultural Data

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100190

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