Mobility requirements for the use of carpooling among different user groups

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Wiktoria WilkowskaReyhaneh FarrokhikhiaviMartina ZiefleDirk Vallée

Abstract: Facing today’s growing urbanization, increasing environmental pollution, and changing socio-economical factors, efficient mobility concepts are needed that allow counteracting the resulting challenges. The concept of carpooling might represent one such solution for sustaining mobility and reducing traffic problems of congested cities. To exploit the potential of carpooling in general, and to improve the interaction with existing web-based carpooling platforms, user-centered research was applied. Empirical data were acquired by an online survey (N=1261), in which requirements and key motivators for the use of carpooling were explored in different user groups. Overall, a positive attitude toward the use of carpooling emerged, whereby costs saving, protection of environment, and stress-free driving were revealed to be the key drivers of usage behavior. The results showed though that user diversity is crucial: There are differing requirements on ridesharing systems between older and younger, male and female carpooling users as well as depending on peoples’ status of employment. As the concept of carpooling is a valuable solution for cost and fuel effective traveling, it is relevant to enhance its success and to spread the idea in growing urban areas. Thus, considering users’ diverse demands and wishes, and a diligent implementing of carpooling system refinements is promising.

Keywords: Adoption Behavior, Carpooling, Mobility Management, Mobility Requirements, Sustainable Mobility, Technology Acceptance, User Diversity

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100134

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