Agile Systems Engineering

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Bruce Powell DouglasKerim Cakmak

Abstract: Traditionally systems engineering is a heavily document-based approach. The arrival of the SysML modeling language changed the face of systems engineering from a process of creating and reviewing documents to the construction, analysis, and execution of high fidelity systems models. This evolution of systems engineering has resulted in improved requirements specification, better architectural definition, and better hand off to downstream engineering, including mechanical, electrical and software development. What is needed now is a process that takes advantage of the advances in model-based engineering (MBE) while at the same time reduces the time and effort required for systems engineering. Agile methods have proven successful in the software domain, but how can these incremental, iterative, and agile methods be applied to systems engineering? This is a talk about how agile methods have had a tremendous impact on the development of embedded and real-time software and how to best gain the advantages of agile methods within the systems engineering domain.

Keywords: Agile Methodologies, Model Based Engineering, System Modeling Language, Agile Practices, Agile Adaptation

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100126

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