Integration of Human Factors' Aspects into Multilayered Reachback Operations via IRIS Integrated Reachback Information System

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Stefan Pickl

Abstract: Key elements of modern decision making processes are reachback operations. Complex analytic processes like modelling, simulation and optimization as key discipline of Operations Research (OR) are supported by reachback processes. Within such a special multilayered process the integration of soft- and hard OR techniques is essential. This contribution focuses especially on the aspect how Human Factors components can be embedded in an optimal way: We present the IRIS research project and describe its impact on living labs. Actual results which are connected with international Maritime Interdiction Operations (MIO) and complex transportation networks are described and discussed within the presentation.

Keywords: Multilayered Decision Support, Reachback, Human Factors

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100128

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