Motorcycling: Awkward Posture Is the Best Posture!

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Authors: Muhammad Izzat Nor Ma’arofHelmi RashidAbdul Rahman OmarSukarnur Che AbdullahIsmail Nasiruddin AhmadRoseleena JaafarShamsury Abd Karim

Abstract: A study has documented that there are only four possible working postures for motorcycling, yet, all of these postures are argued by another study to be generally “unfitting” for human and hence a negative option as a mode of daily transportation. Even so, contradictory to this statement, motorcycle as a mode of transportation is becoming even more popular in Asia. The objective of this study is to show that the aforementioned “unfitting” value of the motorcycling working posture is a must in motorcycling. The significance of this study is to share a new perspective in ergonomics. Three studies were conducted: First, a descriptive within-subject design research of real world motorcycling experience using participant observation method. Second, an ethnographic controlled observation to support the findings. Third, an intrinsic case study on motorcyclists who experienced comfort related issues. Results showed that motorcyclists are relatively satisfied with the riding posture since it makes it possible for them to perform the motorcycling work tasks efficiently, thus, ensuring their safety. A too comfortable riding posture actually results in the deficit of the motorcyclist’s riding performance. In short, motorcycling requires a certain level of “discomfort” in order to ensure safely.

Keywords: Motorcycle ergonomics, accident, safety, awkward posture, fatigue

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100664

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