Eco-Driving with Electric Cars: Effect of Continuous and On-Demand Feedback on Driving Behavior and Safety

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Beloufa SabrinaabcVailleau BenjaminaBoucheix Jean-MichelbKemeny AndrasabMérienne Frédéricb

Abstract: Analysis of driver behavior has been the purpose of many studies for several years. A new aspect is the introduction of electric vehicles on the car market and the fact drivers are more concerned with their consumptions in EV (Electric Vehicle) due to the lack of the appropriate infrastructures. However, only a few studies focusing on ecological behavior and consumption have been carried out. The primary goal of the present study was to assess empirically the impact of feedback on EV driving behavior involving autonomy management performance. We hypothesized that we could help the driver to manage his autonomy more efficiently if we’d give him feedback on his driving behavior and battery consumption. Our second hypothesis is that participants would allocate more attention on feedback information when they reach a critical battery autonomy situation, so the subjects had to drive a course with 100% and 15% autonomy left. Preliminary results indicate better driver performances and enhanced safety with Econometer gauge feedback, probably due to the increased driver control and better applied driver attention.

Keywords: Electric Vehicle, Human-Machine Interface, Range Anxiety

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100678

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