Deconstructing the Whole Journey Traveler Experience

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Authors: Andree WoodcockJane OsmondGabriela Rodica HrinOlympia PapadopoulouOded CatsYusak SusiloTiago PimentelOwen O’Reilly

Abstract: Understanding travelers’ experiences across the whole journey lifecycle is becoming increasingly important for defining and optimizing mobility for all travelers (active travelers and those using public and/or private modes of transport), for transport operators, transport authorities, municipalities and the designers of transport technology. Integrated transport solutions will see greater amalgamation of journey planners, route navigation systems and advanced parking and payment applications, through to vehicle prioritization. The FP7 project, METPEX aims to create a suite of measurement instruments which will capture in real time or retrospectively the whole journey experience, from planning to arrival at destination, across different transport modes. The paper will firstly outline the human factors of each stage of the traveler’s journey. Secondly, it will review the approaches currently used by transport operators to measuring the quality of the passenger experience. Thirdly, the aims and objectives of the METPEX project will be discussed together with work undertaken in the first year of the project, in relation to the development and validation of an extensive set of variables.

Keywords: Transport, mobility, user surveys

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100681

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