Attitude Towards Electric Vehicles in the Czech Republic

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Petr Zámečník aMatúš ŠuchabPavel Řezáč aKateřina Bohmová a

Abstract: Present study deals with the attitudes of people in the Czech Republic towards electric vehicles. Research was carried out in the form of a questionnaire, which was filled by 245 persons aged 17-81 years from all over the Czech Republic. The results show that for most respondents is the acquisition of electric vehicle few conceivable. The most common reason is the cost. Other reasons are a small number of charging stations, small trunk and limited commuting travel. The results also show that between men and women is not a statistically significant difference in attitudes to electric vehicles in general. The exception is the attitude to the fact that electric vehicles are environmentally friendly and the area of ​​the purchase price. Women, compared to men, perceive less the cost of electric vehicles as excessive. At the same time women (unlike men) consider electric vehicles as much more environmentally friendly.

Keywords: Attitude Towards Electric Vehicles, Electromobility, Green E-Motion, Alternative Fuel

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100694

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