Pushing the Limits? Regenerative Braking in Takeover Situations

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Claudia WitzlackPeter CocronJosef F. Krems

Abstract: The aim of the study was to investigate if individual experience in driving an electric vehicle (EV) influences the interaction with regenerative braking. Therefore, a field experiment was developed to explore driver behavior in takeover situations. Here regenerative braking reaches its limits, so drivers must use the conventional brake to come to a stop in a safety manner. Furthermore, it was tested, if trust towards regenerative braking changes as experience in driving an electric vehicle increases. Especially the changes in trust when regenerative braking meets its limits were investigated. Results showed that drivers with little EV-experience come closer to a stop in front of stop line and overshot this stop line more often compared to inexperienced drivers. Trust towards regenerative braking increased slightly after the subjects without driving experience gained experience in driving an electric vehicle und decreased after takeover situations. Altogether subjects with little EV-experience showed a higher trust in regenerative braking than subjects without EV driving experience. Finally, the impact of trust on driver behavior is discussed as a possible explanation for our findings.

Keywords: Regenerative braking, trust, takeover situation, human-machine interaction

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100696

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