Perceived and Real Impacts of Digital Advertising Billboards on Driving Performance

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Authors: Virginia P. SisiopikuMd Mozahidul IslamShannon WittigSharon C. WelburnDespina Stavrinos

Abstract: This paper explores perceived and real impacts of digital advertising billboards on driving performance of individuals from representative samples across the lifespan. Perceived impacts were assessed through an online driver questionnaire that documented perceptions and attitudes of Alabama motorists as they relate to roadside billboards. The questionnaire solicited demographic information, inputs on driving patterns and attitudes, drivers’ experiences with advertising billboards, and perceptions regarding presence and type of advertising billboard and traffic safety. Actual impacts of digital advertising billboards on driving performance were examined using a data-informed, empirical driving simulator study. Driving performance variables of interest were electronically coded by the simulator (i.e., lane deviations, speed exceedances, and crashes and statistical analyses were performed to test whether digital billboards presented driving performance decrements. The paper provides detailed description of the study approach and major findings and discusses conclusions and recommendations. The study sheds light on the impact of roadside advertisements on driving performance across the lifespan which, in turn, provides useful insights on the potential links between digital outdoor advertising and traffic safety.

Keywords: Digital advertising billboards, driving performance, traffic safety, driver perceptions, driver simulation.

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100703

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