Air Traffic Controller Workload Impact by Integration of Datalink System in an Advanced Airport Controller Working Position

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Authors: Mohamed ELLEJMIStephane DubuissonMarc BonnierRoger Lane

Abstract: Integrating a new system in the air traffic control system is always a big challenge, in particular when the new system impacts the controller human machine interface (HMI). The Controller Pilot DataLink Communication system for airport controller is a new concept that aims to reduce the voice communication and increase safety at airport. To prove and evaluate the concept, an experiment took place at airbus in Toulouse last December 2013 with the participation of air traffic controller from Germany, Italy and France. In this paper we explain the concept, we detail the experiment, we discuss its impact on the controller mental workload, we determine the side effects and we provide some recommendation for future implementation.

Keywords: Controller Pilot DataLink Communication, Advanced Controller Working Position, safety, workload

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100711

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