Evaluation of an Arrival Coordinator Position in a Terminal Metering Environment

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Authors: Michael KupferJoey MercerTodd J. CallantineVimmy GujralAshley Gomez

Abstract: A human-in-the-loop (HITL) simulation investigated the performance of an integrated arrival-management solution developed by NASA, called the Interval Management Terminal Area Precision Scheduling System (IM-TAPSS). The focus of this paper is on the operator who, during the simulation, served as both the terminal radar approach control (TRACON) traffic management controller and Arrival Radar Coordinator (ARC), and played an integral part in coordinating, adjusting, and instantiating the arrival schedule computed by the IM-TAPSS system. Analyses of the simulation data highlight the role of the ARC within the terminal metering environment, describe his planning strategies, tool interactions, and coordinations with controllers, and lend insights to the impact of the ARC’s actions on the arrival problem. High levels of comfort and confidence were reported when working with the IM-TAPSS system. Challenges included the sequencing of unscheduled satellite arrival flights during periods of peak demand, in response to which, the ARC had to identify sequence slots while minimizing disruptions to the overall schedule.

Keywords: Terminal-area arrival management, terminal metering, traffic management strategy, collaborative work

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100714

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