Ergonomic Issues in the Design of Innovative Means of Transport and Transportation Systems

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Iwona GrabarekWlodzimierz Choromanski

Abstract: This article focuses on the design of ‘a driver-passenger’ interface for two types of vehicles (Eco-car and PRT system). However, this solution has different purposes in each case. The Eco-car is driven by a human, so the issues under consideration are as follows: driving of the vehicle by upper limbs only and adaptation of key elements of the interface to the individual features of the driver. The PRT system itself combines some features of individual and public transportation. Despite the fact that the vehicle is not driven directly by the passenger, the passenger’s influence on the vehicle operations is much stronger than in conventional means of public transportation in urban areas. This article deals with the innovative design of such an interface. This research has been carried out as part of the ‘Eco-Mobility’ project, 85% co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund under the Operational Program-Innovative Economy.

Keywords: innovative means of transport, ergonomic design, driver’s and passenger’s interface

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100672

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