Training Needs Research Applied to the Development of a Standardised Incident Investigator Training Framework

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Authors: Tamara D. BanksHerbert C. BiggsNathan Dovan

Abstract: In response to the rail industry lacking a consistently accepted standard of minimal training to perform incident investigations, the Australasian rail industry requested the development of a unified approach to investigator training. This paper details how the findings from a training needs analysis were applied to inform the development of a standardised training package for rail incident investigators. Data from job descriptions, training documents and subject matter experts sourced from 17 Australasian organisations were analysed and refined to yield a draft set of 10 critical competencies. Finally the draft of critical competencies was reviewed by industry experts to verify the accuracy and completeness of the competency list and to consider the most appropriate level of qualification for training development. The competencies identified and the processes described to translate research into an applied training framework in this paper, can be generalised to assist practitioners and researchers in developing industry approved standardised training packages.

Keywords: Investigation, Training Development, Rail

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100735

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