A Visuohaptic Collision Warning Approach for High-Priority Braking Scenarios

Open Access
Conference Proceedings
Authors: Kathrin MaieraJürgen HellbrückaHeike Sacherb

Abstract: Referring to the great importance of an intuitive HMI for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, a driving study was conducted to test innovative warning concepts for high-priority, imminent braking scenarios. Based on previous findings, a peripheral visual illumination stripe warning was expected to show important brake reaction time benefits compared to an auditory alarm, especially in multimodal presentation mode along with a haptic brake pulse warning. Based on previous findings recommending multimodal instead of unimodal warnings to minimize brake reaction times, the optimal timing of multimodal warning components was additionally evaluated. Using the EVITA test system, almost rear-end collision scenarios were provoked to test the different warning concepts. The results indicate a visuohaptic warning approach based on a synchronous presentation of multimodal warning components to communicate imminent braking advices. Further implications for warning concept design will be discussed.

Keywords: Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, peripheral visual warnings, auditory alarm, multimodal warnings

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100751

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