DriveLab: Understanding Driving Behavior Made Easy

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Authors: Tobias Heffelaar aBram van Mil aJorrit Kuipers b

Abstract: The ever increasing computerization in vehicles, combined with an increasing pressure for researchers to deliver results, calls for technology that can quickly record and analyze a drivers behavior. With Drivelab, an easy to use system for measuring and analyzing driver behavior, Green Dino, Noldus Information Technology and SmartEye introduce a system that meets those needs. Drivelab is built on Green Dino’s driving simulator, SmartEye’s Smart Eye Pro and Noldus’ The Observer XT. It records common driver performance measure and various (cognitive) workload measures. Using real-time date exchange, data analysis can start immediately after a trial.

Keywords: Driving Simulator, Driver performance Measurement, Workload, Human Factors analysis, Systems Integration

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100752

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