Living Aboard with Kids and Pets

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Valentina Solera

Abstract: This research has a key focus on yachting as a popular family recreation with the middle classes that explains how the performance of the yachting industry remained stable vis-à-vis the luxury segment during this economic crisis. Today, the average middle class family has two children, and companion animals are an integral part of this organization. Animals and children share similar ergonomics, psychology ad behaviors, which facilitates the definition of ad-hoc designs for both. Good ergonomics in yacht design enhances the enjoyableness of the yachting experience for families and pets. The bottom line is a Design for All concept of an inclusive spatial environment. In this research we argue that ad-hoc design helps dismiss the stereotype that people quit yachting when a child is born or a dog is taken in. Behavioral rules tend normally to focus more on survivability than on livability: ergonomics must consistently tackle issues in this respect.

Keywords: Child, Pets, Children, Baby-Design, Pet-Design, Yacht Design, Design for All, Day Cruiser

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100722

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