Climbing Decision Ladders To Analyse Ecodriving: The First Rung on the Way to

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Authors: Fuel-Efficient Driving

Abstract: This paper presents the initial stage of the design of an in-vehicle ecodriving support tool, namely the analysis phase. In order to understand the types of behaviours that characterise fuel-efficient driving a review was conducted, covering both the academic literature and more publicly available web resources, such as advice provided by governmental websites, car manufacturers’ websites, and specific ecodriving organisations. The review resulted in the identification of four distinct driving activities, each related to the use of the accelerator pedal, that play a crucial role in the use of fuel in the private road vehicle. A preliminary attempt at modelling these activities using Jens Rasmussen’s Decision Ladder approach was made, with the resulting models being discussed in a focus group. Then followed a series of four interviews with ecodriving experts; these served to validate, supplement, and further specify the models into five activities. One of these models is discussed in detail, drawing on theory from the Skills, Rules and Knowledge taxonomy and the Direct Manipulation Interface approach. Finally, some suggestions are offered as to how this analysis may go on to inform an in-vehicle, ecodriving support system.

Keywords: Ecodriving, Decision Ladders, Skills, Rules and Knowledge Taxonomy, Direct Manipulation Interfaces

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100727

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