Safety and Health at Work as a Factor of Competitiveness of Organizations

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Authors: Miguel Alves Corticeiro Neves

Abstract: The Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) is a key factor in the competitiveness of organizations, it was developed by a research work, in Portugal, covering the full range of enterprises and public administration. The population was divided into micro, small, medium and large organizations and the number studied was 899. In total, there were sent about 18,800 messages. There were also carried out interviews with individuals involved in the world of work. That led to the conclusion that the OSH is a theme that cuts across any type of organization and the services themselves add value to the OSH, which is a relevant factor in competitiveness. So far, no work of this nature was yet carried, based on the following assumptions:H1 - Action of OSH Services contributes to decrease Occupational Accidents;H2 - Action of OSH Services helps to reduce Absenteeism;H3 - The working conditions contribute to increased Competitiveness;H4 - OSH Services are an investment, not a cost.OSH Services contribute to the improvement of working conditions. As a result, accidents at work and absenteeism decrease, resulting in greater productivity. This work also contributed to an overview of the degree of implementation of OSH Services.

Keywords: Occupational Accidents, Absenteeism, Occupational Safety and Health, Competitiveness

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100160

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