Exploring Trade-Offs Between Proactive Safety Indicators

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Simon BinzToni Waefler

Abstract: Sound safety related decisions are the foundation for effective safety interventions. The Safety Management Information System (S-MIS) project allows making safety decisions based on two different sources. Quantitative survey results and qualitative judgments of subject-matter experts are the two sources. The aim of the present paper is to compare the two sources concerning their conclusions for safety related decisions. The results indicate a relatively high congruence between the two sources. Therefore, the quantitative survey results and the qualitative judgments of subject-matter experts are comparable resources to meet sound safety related decisions. Differences between the two sources as well as limitations of the paper are furthermore discussed.

Keywords: Safety Decisions, Proactive Safety Indicators, Trade-Offs, Subject-Matter Expert Knowledge, Survey Results

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100164

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