The Study of Work Ability for the Staff of Chain Hair Salons in Central Taiwan

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Authors: Yu-Cheng Lin a Hsiao-Ting Lu bHsin-Chieh Wu c

Abstract: With the social development and economy improvement in Taiwan, people are pursuing a better life quality. The “better life quality” maybe means a self-satisfied life style for most of young people in Taiwan. They pay more attention and spend more money and time on their appearance, just like their hair styles and dressing. The growing rate of number of employees in styles hair industry is about 2% per year. Musculoskeletal disorders and chemicals exposure are the major factors to affect the working ability for the employees in hair-styling industry. However, the situation becomes worse because of the rise and development of chain hair salons and prolonged working time. The purpose of this study is to investigate the work ability with the Work Ability Index Questionnaire for staff working at chain hair salons in central Taiwan, including supervisors, hair stylists and assistants. According to the result of Work Ability questionnaire, overall Work Ability Index (WAI) is 35.14 and the work ability category is “moderate”. If the gender is considered, the WAI for male and female are 37.26 and 33.8, and their work ability categories are “good” and “moderate” respectively. If the job position is considered, only the work ability category for supervisors/branch manager is good. There are significant differences of work ability between job positions and gender. Thus, the present situation of work ability for these hair-styling staff in central Taiwan is evident and related improvement suggestions are made.

Keywords: Work ability, WAI, hair salon, stylist

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100167

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