Analysis of Accidents in Trailer Towing

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Authors: Fereydoun AghazadehArunn Pisharody

Abstract: There is a steady upward trend in the number of trailers on American roads. In 2011, there were 29.2 million trailers registered in the United States. On average, towing-related accidents are responsible for 1.2 deaths and 60 injuries per day, and the corresponding monetary loss due to these fatalities amounts to more than $4 Billion annually. While advancements in the safety practices of towing have helped control the number of accidents, towing-related accidents remain a substantial cause of fatalities, injuries, and property damages. This study analyzes the data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration on the trailer-related crashes and accidents spanning 24 years from 1988 to 2011. The objective of this paper is to analyze the accident statistics on: (i) accidents with fatality, (ii) accidents with injury, and (iii) accidents with property damage caused by trailer towing in the United States. Additionally, data on the failed components in trailers is examined. The most prevalent failed component is safety chains. The probable causes of failure in safety chains are presented. The statistics examined in this paper underscore the importance of adhering to safe practices in trailer towing. Trailer-related accidents account for an average of 445 deaths and 21,821 injuries annually. For every 1000 trailer-related crashes, there are 8.5 fatalities and 415 injuries. Apart from injuries and fatalities, 38,747 trailer-related accidents cause property damage per year.

Keywords: Trailer, Towing, Safety Chain

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100169

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