Virtual Environments for Studies of Nuclear and Radiological Emergencies

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Daniel Mól MachadoabAndré CotelliaDaniel ChellesaAntonio C.A. MólaPaulo V. R.CarvalhoaMario Cesar R. Vidal b

Abstract: For resilience engineering and ergonomics, complex systems must be studied from the understanding of the variability occurring within and around the system. It is necessary to consider since the microscopic interactions located inside of organizations to the macroscopic context of the organization and where it fits. Therefore this article aims to create a tool to reproduce virtual environments for studies of nuclear and radiological emergency response from the perspective of resilience engineering and ergonomics.

Keywords: Virtual Environments, Nuclear Engineering, Resilience, Ergonomics, Emergency Management.

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100146

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