Safety Management in the Assembly of Telecommunication Towers

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Authors: Henrique da Fonseca Marques aPaulo Victor R. de Carvalho b

Abstract: There are significant pressures to improve the infrastructure of the telecommunications business currently operating in Brazil motivated by challenges for the development of the country in the coming years. These pressures include, among other things, the need for expansion of the telecommunications network, providing grounds for extensive research in ergonomics and safety management. One of the areas in which these pressures have the greatest impact in occupational safety and ergonomics is in the planning and execution of works for deployment of new communication towers, which unfortunately does not follow good practices of work safety. Unfortunately, safety culture and accident prevention thinking are not widespread in a sector where there is a high demand to accomplish production targets that have to be met according the regulatory agency schedule. The purpose of this research is to understand tradeoffs and pressures identifying major nonconformity in towers assembly works, seeking for solutions and work practices that aim to mitigate or minimize the existing conditions of risk in the construction, operation and maintenance of towers for fixed and mobile telephony, which contribute decisively to the occurrence of work incidents and accidents causing lots of injuries and deaths in Brazilian workers.

Keywords: Infrastructure of the Telecommunications, Concepts of Job Safety, Safety Culture, Accident Prevention, Resilience Engineering, Communication Towers.

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100179

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