Development of Interactive Educational Games about Human Error for Railway Personnel

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Midori InabaaRyo Nakamuraa*Takashi ImaizumiaOsamu Onoderaa

Abstract: One approach to prevent accidents caused by human errors is to promote understanding of errors by those who are required to be safety-conscious in their work. We report the process of developing a serious game, in which people working for the railway learn a slip, a human error of an action that is carried out incorrectly. To help players understand that anyone can make a slip, we have been developing games to give them with a chance to experience their own error. In one of the games, the player’s task is to classify (or categorize) each of the presented images into one of two categories under time pressure. After making the basic features of the game, we carried out experimental trials to examine impacts of factors related to the setting. We plan to reflect the findings of these trials on the setting of the game to increase the likelihood of the players’ slip. We continue to develop this game and the additional short commentary about a slip tailored towards railway personnel. This game will support people who work in railway companies to comprehend a human error and operate safely, resulting in reduction of accidents caused by a human error.

Keywords: Serious Game, Human Error, Slip, Railway Personnel, Education

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100148

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