Ergonomic Assessment of Activities of Front Office Worker in Selected Hospitality Units and Record Related Health

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Authors: Neha MehraSandhya RaniPromila SharmaPratibha Joshi

Abstract: Often when we imagine the kind of workers who get workplace injuries, we think of those who need to exert a lot of physical energy on the job. It is true that employees in these work environments may be at greater risk for injury, but office workers are also at risk. Front Office work is rapidly changing, as new developments in computer technology come along which can make our jobs easier, but which also can present new problems for both management and employees. There is enough information contained here to allow a single employee to set up their own workstation to suit the way they work. This paper provides with the information and tools necessary to analyze office jobs related health problems. A descriptive research enumerates the existing conditions in which the researcher has no control over the variables and can report only actual conditions. The interview schedule was found to be an appropriate tool, which would adequately gather information pertaining to research work. Considering the objective of the study, research was carried out at Pancham Hotel of Bareilly. A sample size is a definite plan for obtaining a sample from a given population. Total sample sizes of 30 were selected. Many office injuries are caused by the repetitive tasks that put strain on our muscles and joints. There are several health related problems faced by office workers which affect their daily working schedule such as chronic back pain, gastric bronchial, asthma, diabetes, depression, arthritis, anaemia and headache. Sixty percent respondents quite seldom suffered from digestion difficulties whereas 12 percent respondents quite often and only 16 percent respondent almost always suffered from digestion difficulties. Several research studies reveals that gastrointestinal complaints of gastric upset, gas, constipation, poor eating etc. are strongly correlated with front office work.

Keywords: Ergonomic assessment, Office Worker, Occupational Health Issues, Stress

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100150

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