Eye Tracking Study: Overhead Menu Board and Its Effect on Consumer Purchase Decision

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Authors: Aleli Abegail MagadiaKrichelle Bernadette MedelStella Maris ReyesLorelie Grepo

Abstract: Overhead menu boards are intended to aid the business in its operation. Aside from informing the customers on what the store has to offer, it could also be used as marketing tool to influence the decision of the customer and increase sales. Up until now, there has been no concrete data on how people examine menu boards and how it actually affects their purchase decision.To help maximize the use of these menu boards, a survey was conducted on their effectiveness in the tea shop business. Students and young professionals were asked to assess these menu boards based on their experience. At the same time, an eye tracking study was also conducted to give clear explanation on how consumers look and process the pieces of information presented on these boards.From these, it has been found out that indeed overhead menu boards affect the purchase decision of customers especially those who are not frequent buyers. Guidelines such as the number of boards consisting the menu, emphasis on the best sellers, font style and color to be used, text spacing and format, placement of the menu board in the shop, and the how these pieces of information should be presented/arranged on the menu board were suggested.To further improve the study, it was suggested that a study on menu boards used in another type of business could be done. Major differences with the optimal design derived for tea shop menu boards, if any, could then be assessed. Also, a more general set of samples/subjects could be used to further strengthen or validate the results obtained in this study.

Keywords: Eye Tracking Study, Overhead Menu Board, Tea Shop Business

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100228

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