Analysis of Operator Activity in the Control Room of the Production and Transfer of Oil and Natural Gas in a Brazilian Oil Company

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Ana Dirce Cornetti ReisRicardo José Matos de Carvalho

Abstract: This article presents the analysis of the activity of the operator in the control room for continuous systems. The control room is located in an industry that explores and produces oil and natural gas. The theoretical framework is the ergonomics, using the methodology of ergonomic analysis,   referenced in human activity. The activity analysis studies the behavior (action, observation, communication) and is interested in the speech of employees that directly explain the action. This study is justified by the identification and analysis of organizational, technological and cognitive determinants of activity, and thus leads to an understanding of the operator's control room activity. The results presented are preliminary and show that the process of cognition and decision-making occurs in a dynamic, complex and collaborative context between operators in the control room and field.

Keywords: Ergonomic, Work Analysis, Cognition, Human Supervisory Control

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100235

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