The Future Aircraft Interior Design inspired by Crowd Well-Being

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Ma Yu Ting Christina WangJie LiPeter Vink

Abstract: The role of the airplane in cross-continental travel is becoming more common today, asking for more attention for in-flight comfort and experience. Now the focus is on technology. However, humans have social needs and they gather and form various social groups in society. In this paper, the airplane is partly assimilated to a microcosm of society with groups of passengers that form a crowd. Through studying the knowledge of crowd well-being in combination with shaping the future context based on research related to technology and its environment an interior design configuration is proposed using a Blended Wing Body (BWB) aircraft. Passengers are suggested to fly with a group of people with similar connections on social media or other future group forming social and technology systems to sustain their physical and psychological well-being, e.g. staying active or having a quiet rest. Based on this vision a design is made including a new seating arrangement with concepts of in-flight entertainment and flight attendant service. This interior design is expected to improve passenger’s comfort and experience in long flights by supporting their social and personal needs with advanced technology.

Keywords: aircraft interior, Blended Wing Body, crowd well-being, future design concept, social interaction

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100306

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