WRMSD Survey. A Comparison Between Assembly and Manufacturing Tasks

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: J Nieves Serratos PerezaJuan Luis Hernandez ArellanobCarmen Negretec

Abstract: A survey about the presence of WRMSD was conducted at an industrial concern where automotive parts are produced, in the central region of Mexico. Two samples were involved. One of them consisted of 114 workers who perform assembly tasks using CNC hydraulic presses. The other contained 153 CNC lathe operators, who manufacture the parts to be later assembled. All subjects were male. Both groups operate Advanced Manufacturing Technology (AMT) machinery, facing both physical and cognitive demands. The subjects completed a questionnaire on the presence of musculoskeletal complaints, rating its severity on a 0-10 scale. Ninety percent of the assembly workers pointed to at least one body region with complaint; 85% of the manufacturers did the same. Most of the ratings fell in the 4-5 markings. Upper and lower back, neck and both wrists were the body regions most affected for the whole sample. Our findings are very much in line with the current trends, and clearly point to the need for ergonomic intervention in regards of workspace layout and tasks procedures, in order to diminish the risk of musculoskeletal damage for both groups.

Keywords: Musculoskeletal, Manufacturing, Assembly

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100318

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