An Analysis of Drug Administration Taskson Safety Management in Medical Centers

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Naoki YamaoY. Okada

Abstract: The safety management in various hospitals recently has begun in order to reduce the incidents and prevent human errors. Among incidents that occurred in hospital, many are related to drug administration error. Drug administration error is a type of human error that occurs somewhere in the process spanning from medicine prescription by the doctor through administration by the nurse. We examined whether there is any problem with the incident report on the drug administration error in the hospital. Then, we found that it is difficult for safety manager with little experience, to find the problems in drug administration task. Also we found that they didn’t know how they would discuss countermeasures. Therefore we studied to help safety manager find and take measure in work including dangerous factors at drug administration tasks by evaluating the risk of the work. The method is evaluating the risk of the work in the drug administration tasks by using Factors List, Risk Score and Influence of the Factors. By using this method, it helps safety managers in the hospitals understand problems of the work in the drug administration tasks and activate the recurrence prevention activities of medical accident.

Keywords: Human Error, Human Error Possibility, Human Reliability, Performance Shaping Factors, Safety Management

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100323

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