Humanization of Work in Project Management

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Andrzej Borucki

Abstract: The experience gathered in the course of many IT projects ranging from the simplest to the very complex, shows that the key adverse factors affecting the productivity of project teams are: the stress that accompanies designers in the development and implementation of IT projects, poor use of the intellectual capacities of individual project team members, excessive focus on design support tools at the expense of project quality, excessive adherence to a specific method of IT project management, the pressures of time and budget restraints on projects where labor intensity has been underestimated. According to many IT project managers, the treating of people as “spare parts” often jeopardizes project outcome. Managers commonly forget the simple fact that the intellect and personalities of every employee are different and that often neglected in accomplishing project goals by not helping individual staff members to achieve personal satisfaction. My practice shows that the choice of a design method has little effect on design productivity and often reduces it where the system needs continuous customization to ever new client requirements and restrict the operating freedom on individual projects contributing to less innovative outcomes.

Keywords: Project Management, Software Engineering, Requirement Engineering

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100329

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