Management with Ergonomic Indicators: A Conception of Indicators System for Performance to the Industry of Construction from the Workers Perception

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Authors: Isabela Xavier Barbalho BezerraRicardo José Matos de CarvalhoPedro Lima e SilvaRodolfo Fernando Carvalho VieiraTatiane Emanuele Brito de Oliveira

Abstract: The main systems available for evaluating the performance of organizations, including the construction industry, leave out many aspects regarding the scope of Ergonomics and Environmental Sustainability. This gap imposes a partial understanding by organizations on their actual performance, compromising their strategies, efficiency, longevity and survival. This article aims at proposing a System of Performance Indicators for the Construction Industry, from the perception that professionals in this industry have on the indicators. This System, built from the Ergonomics approach, integrates the production, health, safety and sustainability criteria, aiming at assisting managers in making decisions. From a bibliographical research 62 (sixty two) indicators were identified. These indicators were classified into 9 (nine) categories, forming a system of indicators. All indicators composing this system underwent validation of 13 (thirteen) groups of professionals working in the construction industry. The proposed system of indicators aims at meeting the attention demand for workers, including indicators of occupational health and safety, and environmental management. It is expected that, consequently, this system can contribute to the development of maturity and organizational culture in construction, as the system expands and integrates the elements of productive efficiency to be measured and improved.

Keywords: Management; Indicators; Performance; Ergonomics; Construction.

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100332

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