Influence of Macroergonomic Factors on Production Systems Organizing

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: in Automotive Industry

Abstract: The paper discusses the need to recognize factors determining the ergonomic conformity of production systems. The focus has been found to be vital for the design of such systems. To help adopt the approach, the authors have identified factors which affect the ergonomic conformity of production systems in the automotive industry and subsequently had them verified by experts. Furthermore, they employed the network thinking methodology to analyze the time and severity of impact of the individual factors. The studies carried out by the authors have made it possible to develop a model for the management of ergonomic factors. The authors additionally proposed conclusions on ergonomically-driven measures intended to eliminate barriers in designing production systems and on opportunities for enhancing the ergonomic conformity of working environment in manufacturing plants.

Keywords: Macroergonomics, Macroergonomic Factors, Production Systems, Automotive Industry, Network Thinking Methodology

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100333

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