Macroergonomics in the Design of the Quality of Work Environment and of Human Life: Examples of Practical Applications

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Authors: Aleksandra Jasiak

Abstract: The purpose of this work is explaining what is the essence of macroergonomics, on basis of the analysis of the world achievements from the scope of disciplines: human factors ergonomics, project studies, science studies, organization theory, psychology and sociology. Moreover, what is the role of macroergonomics in the formation of not only the quality of the technical environment or the work environment, but also the quality of life of individuals, as well as entire populations. Macroergonomics is, according to the classification recognized in world, the third phase of the evolution of ergonomics, which is the most current and modern generation of ergonomics. In other words, macroergonomics is an organization – machine interface technology. Elements of macroergonomics (criteria and determined scientific areas, as well as tendencies that contribute the creation of the essence of macroergonomics) are presented from two sides: the conceptual and methodological side and the side of possibilities for practical implementations (the set of works realized by the author along with works made under her direction). The paper is composed from four integral threads. The first part presents views on the quality of life and the quality of the work environment. The second part is dedicated to the genesis of macroergonomics and to prospects of its development. The third part, in view to its limited volume, illustrates the general image of different possibilities to apply macroergonomics into practice in determined areas of technique and economy. The paper presents an example of a demand of enterprises for ergonomic knowledge in relation to the process of designing the company’s strategy and marketing plan, presented for the case of authorized passenger cars dealer companies. The work ends with a conclusion on the role of macroergonomics in the creation of the man’s quality of life and possibilities of the development of this discipline in the future.

Keywords: macroergonomics, framework, quality of life, quality of the work environment, benefits of the practical implementations

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100335

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