Macroergonomic Improvement the Development of Agri – Food Sector Company

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Marek Szczuka

Abstract: Article aims to develop a methodology for obtaining logistical improvements contained within the discussed scientific discipline. An attempt to establish macro ergonomics logistics improvements micro-enterprises ,should therefore be supported by strict social approach . Strategy is to focus on these aspects in an environment of both internal and external . This can be achieved by proper selection of methods for answers , which is the most important component and is of utmost importance for the development of the company. Developed methodological selection can be operational and strategic . The results of the analysis may include lifting factor , such as correction recipe for the final product as well as the change in the technology park , which will translate into the quality of the final product. Raised the issue of concern is the micro company engaged in farming and breeding pigs, to its processing and trade. The company is local. The owners are considering a number of innovations, including expansion of the business in the other region, the development of a technology park and the creation of logistics and management.


DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100338

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