Risk Among Hill Families of Mountain Region of Uttarakahnd, India

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Authors: Janki JoshiPromila Sharma

Abstract: The present study was conducted in mountain region of Uttarakhand, a hilly state of India. The objective of the study was to find the injury and accidents data due to poor lighting. It was assumed that injuries and accidents among hill people occur due to poor lighting. For this purpose descriptive research design was used. In Uttarakhand state, districts i.e Almora and Nainital were selected purposively from which purposive selection of 4 villages was done. From each village, 30 families were selected by simple random sampling technique without replacement to make a total sample of 120 families. The data was collected through interview schedule and observation. Descriptive and statistical analysis of data was done with the help of frequency, per cent and chi-square test respectively. The records focused that main accidents and injuries in last 10 years due to poor lighting were fall and slip outside the house, catching of fire during cooking and burning of finger while lighting kerosene lamp and cutting finger during vegetable cutting, animal/snake bite, attack of wild animate, catching fire to the cattle and burning of cattle with the use of kerosene lamp. The results were found to be significant at p<0.05, indicating that accidents like fall/slip during fetching fodder, fuel and water, accidents in kitchen, cases of wild animals/snake bite and other accidents dependent on availability of light. It was concluded that injuries and accidents among hill people occur due to poor lighting.

Keywords: Poor lighting, injuries, accidents, lower income group, middle income group and upper income group

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100342

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