Relationship among Movement Trajectory of Body Parts, Center of Gravity Movement and Standing Postures while Chucking of an Expert and Non-Expert

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Porakoch Sirisuwan aTakashi Yoshikawa bHiroyuki Hamada a

Abstract: The participants are an expert is 85 years has been working 70 years in lathe and the non-expert is 16 years that only 1 year of experience. The standing posture aligned with the chuck had the rotation pattern movement. It had a most distance movement of wrists, shoulders, elbows and hands. The standing on the right of the chuck was not a rotation pattern but trend line movement was a straight line. The standing posture of right side of the chuck always used his waist as like the base of movement. The standing postures did not influence the balance movement between left and right side of body. The standing postures affect the body movement on XZ plane. The expert always bent his elbow both left and right side and stretched it out of the body not only the standing aligned with the chuck but also the standing on the right of the chuck. The difference of hand holding position does not affect the standing posture on the right side of the chuck. The expert always sidle away from the machine around 45 degrees. The differences of hand holding position affect the distance and pattern movement.

Keywords: Center of gravity, Standing posture, Hand holding, Chucking movement

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100344

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