Adaptive Customization –Value Creation by Adaptive Lighting in the Car Interior

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Alexa-Sibylla Wagner abÜmit Kilincsoy adMaximilian Reitmeir cPeter Vink b

Abstract: In this paper adaptive customization by color changing LEDs is investigated. Two forms of customization are studied: one system reacts on the color of subjects’ clothes and one system was influenced by a color blending App. Both are built up in a real car. The emotional responses were recorded before and after the test with 70 subjects. Emotions as attraction, hope and joy were found as reactions and 58.6% preferred this approach of steering the interior lighting. Half of the sample preferred the color mixing and half the automatic color detection system showing that there are two clear interaction preferences. The expectations recorded prior to the test influenced the level of experience massively and also interfered with the subjects’ emotions.

Keywords: crowd sourcing, customization, HMI, emotional value added.

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100309

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