A Study of the Organizational Support for Building Resilience of the Fitness Club Employees

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Naoto ShojiaYasuyuki HochibHirotsugu FujiiaHiromitsu Moriguchia

Abstract: The purpose of this study was to clarify the process of building resilience, to obtain the viewpoint of organizational support for building resilience in fitness club. We stand on asserting that was required to build resilience for making best use of human resources from perspective of career management. Interview survey was carried out targeting 32 employees who belong to five major the fitness clubs, 28 (15males, 13females) valid samples were used for this study. KJ-method was adopted throughout analysis to lead the process and the support for building resilience. As a result, the process for building resilience was led. It was found that adversity played an important role in the process, the difference in recognition toward adversities separate the process for building resilience. Additionally, a wide various supports were provided in the process. Especially, following three were shown as significant matters to support building resilience on the process. 1) It was that to construct mistake systems for promoting to challenge adversity positively, 2) It was that to promote creating inter personal relationship of employees and key persons, 3) It was that to structure a frame for collecting and managing feedbacks from the clients.

Keywords: Resilience, Adversity, Career Management, Organizational Support, fitness Club, KJ-method

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100354

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