Ergonomic Principles and Regulatory Standards Related to Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Used in the Textile Industry

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Fernanda PozzaIsadora B.DickieKarla Pfeiffer e Gabriela Fink

Abstract: The article describes a survey that aimed to point ergonomic principles and regulatory standards related to personal protective equipment (PPE) used by workers in textile industries in Joinville, SC, Brazil. The research took place in the form of semi-open questionnaire, along with seventy-three workers from the productive sector of two textile companies in Joinville, including men and women of various ages. One of the companies was of medium size, with a focus on textile processing. The second was a large one, focused on manufacturing knitwear and clothing. Through research it was possible to identify types of safety equipment used in this industry segment and, thus, it emerged that are not used particular PPE but the same as used in other areas of work involving risks to physical and psychological integrity of the employee. From the relationship between the ergonomic principles and regulatory standards it could be suggested aspects that deserve attention in the design and analysis of PPE. As well, some questions emerged that may originate other studies in this area.

Keywords: PPE, Textile Industry, Ergonomics, Regulatory Standards.

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100362

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