Mock-Up Test of Two Train Toilet Modules

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Marian LothDaan van EijkJohan Molenbroek

Abstract: Train toilets are perceived to be dirty and as a consequence train travelers rate the toilet as insufficient. While the train toilet is mainly used to urinate it is for men impossible to keep the train toilet clean without spilling urine outside the bowl while standing. This causes women to hover while urinating and as a result they add to the soiling of the train toilet, by spilling drips over the seat. A ‘hygienic train toilet’ will make train travel more attractive, and it can remove one of the obstacles to travelling by train, particularly for the elderly and families with young children.A possible solution to improve hygiene in the train toilet is splitting its interior based on the posture while urinating. Accordingly, a toilet with two modules was designed: One for urinating standing and the other for the seated or hovered toilet use which was ‘inclusively designed’, thus the interior is enhanced with adaptations such as toddler platforms, a diaper changing table, extra support and enough space for wheel-chair manipulation. The observation and questionnaire both with 26 users of 3-68 years old (some wheel chair users) showed that the mock-up of the train toilet indirectly scored a 7.1 on a 10 point scale (1= very bad, 10= very good), but there is room for improvement, for instance a sanitary waste bin, an extra support bar on the left side of the toilet and a toddler platform under the urinal were lacking.

Keywords: Train toilet, Hygiene, Inclusive Design, Mock-up testing, Observational research.

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100365

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