A New Generation of Tractor Seats

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Katja BühlmeyerJohannes Theurer und Hubert Wittmann

Abstract: Tractor drivers have an 8-fold higher risk of getting back pain compared to office workers. Reasons therefore are being a long time in awkward postures and being forced to whole-body vibrations. With that biomechanics knowledge and the help of input user studies a totally new tractor seat generation was developed. Hereby a unique seat feature was integrated which has never been on the market before. The goal of this experimental study was to investigate the healthy and comfort potential of the new feature.Objective as well as subjective measurements have been done to observe whether the new seat feature is better compared to the serial seat without that feature. Objective methods were EMG measurements and body posture detection. The objective measures were done in the laboratory with 3 test persons. A field test has been done with 10 professional drivers to get the subjective ratings of the comfort. The results showed a difference in the muscle activity. The new feature reduced the activity of up to 30%. Slightly differences in the posture could have been seen. Posture detection revealed strong interindividual differences. All test drivers gave a good subjective feedback regarding the comfort of the new feature. In summary this is the most promising feature in the area of tractor seats with respect to short-term and long-term comfort. Additionally the feature leads to a muscle activity reduction. This comes along with a reduced fatigue and might protect the driver’s spine in the long term against impairments.

Keywords: back pain, tractor seat, awkward posture, muscle fatigue

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100367

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