Comparative Study of Noise and Thermal Load Levels by General and Individual Sampling

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Kolodziej Sebastián FedericoCruz Eugenio Rubén

Abstract: This paper is a comparative study of the levels of two environmental parameters in a job, heat and noise, analyzed from two different perspectives, the general and the particular. The study was conducted in a university dining for analysis considering two individuals that work in the field of cooking. The objective of the study is to evaluate the two environmental factors in this sector, noise and thermal load, and determine the variations between the levels of both aggressors measured in the general work environment, and levels that are perceived directly by the operator. To carry out the experience the instrumentation used for measurement of general environmental conditions were hygrometer, anemometer and sound level meter; and the instrumentation for measuring individual parameters were noise dosimeter, heart rate monitor and calorimeter consumption. Recorded data were analyzed and the values​​obtained from sampling equipment of the general environment and the personal sampling devices were compared. The comparison of the results obtained revealed that in a work environment as the analyzed, where operators have a continuous movement between different jobs, the use of individual measuring instruments are more accurate than measuring equipment of the general environment to set the exposure to dangerous levels of heat load and noise.

Keywords: Noise, Thermal Load, University Dining, Measuring Instruments

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100313

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