The Role of Ergonomics in Knowledge-Based Enterprises

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Krzysztof Hankiewicz

Abstract: The purpose of the paper is to call attention to the importance of human factors in the activities of knowledge-based enterprises. The role of ergonomics in enterprise success is also presented. This is based on the thesis which states companies that consider their human capital as their most important asset are successful companies.One may consider that in knowledge-based enterprises different ergonomic activities are important. Due to the form of industrial relations and organization, such elements are important: development and testing of integrated management systems according to ergonomic requirements, methods of personnel selection and consideration of stress in work conditions assessment criteria. Due to the form of cooperation in groups and human relations, such elements are important: problems of legal, economic and social responsibilities of team members and autonomy of the employees.

Keywords: Ergonomics, Knowledge-Based Enterprises

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100427

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