Methods of Staffing Process in Agile Enterprises

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Authors: Agata Branowska

Abstract: Management theorists and practitioners search for new methods which enable to establish competitive advantage for international and domestic enterprises by reacting rapidly and flexibly to changes occurring in the business environment of the company; by being agile. Agility is an ability to continuously monitor changes in customer needs and creating and delivering products and services that satisfy those needs better and faster than the competition does (Takla et al., 1999). One of the necessary conditions of enterprise agility is the implementation of new human resource management methods. The article is about one of a key phases of HRM - staffing process. The aim of the paper is to present newest perspective in employees selection in agile organization, which bases on multilevel fit and includes factors, that haven’t been taken into consideration so far. In the article selected results of empirical, statistical research on factors influencing agility will be presented. The research was conducted among R&D teams members in one of the Polish, manufacturing enterprises. Respondents shared opinions on hierarchization of factors which HR workers need to take into consideration during staffing process.

Keywords: agile organization, selection, multilevel fit

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100428

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