Quantitative Techniques Integration For Allocation of Workers

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Diego José Gómez Montoya

Abstract: In this work are combined several techniques of quantitative type, to determine the number of people to use and the moments of the day in that should begin their work, in services of attention to the client via phone (that is to say to program the schedule of agents in a company of contact center), in such a way that the indicators of monetary utility and occupation (use of the resource) are increased. In the first phase, are used technical of optimization like the mixed integer programming - using GAMS software -, starting from the results of the first phase a second phase is generated in which implicit functions of non-lineal type are introduced in the system, the quantities of agents are conceived that they begin in each interval of half hour and the recommendations are analyzed for the strategic area of the organization.

Keywords: Programming, service processes, optimization, models

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100440

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