Analysis of Shift Work System Influence on Visual Inspection Effectiveness

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Agnieszka KujawińskaKatarzyna VogtAdam Hamrol

Abstract: In paper influence of shift work preferences on quality control effectiveness is examined. Shift work indicated as one of key work organizational parameters that decrease visual control [Kujawińska, Vogt 2013]. Adjustment to work hours rotation in weekdays results in problems with regards to day and night activation cycle (day and night disturbances - sleep) as according to environmental interview also private, social disturbances and medical problems. In paper research results based on experiment performed in company manufacturing electronics for automotive industry. Shift work impact on visual inspections that placed sequentially in chosen technological process was examined. Single operator day and night cycle effectiveness was analyzed. Correlation strength between preferences indicated by operators to work on particular production shifts, and in particular days and real control effectiveness.

Keywords: Quality Control, Visual Inspection, Effectiveness, Ergonomics, Production Shift, Biorhythm

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100444

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