Capability, Profit or Waste? Organizational and Economic Dilemma Criteria for Measuring the Effectiveness of Enterprises

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Janusz Rymaniak

Abstract: The paper presents a literature review on enterprise efficiency. It is argued that the economic efficiency perspective needs to be broadened with organizational dimensions of evaluation. The paper presents an evolution of economic criteria from the market-based to the organizational and resources-related ones. The relations between organizational and economic criteria are discussed. In the final part of the paper, praxeological criteria for enterprise effectiveness are presented. The Author taps into the research output of Polish researchers such as: Adamiecki (organization and management), Lange (economics) and Kotarbiński (praxeology).

Keywords: Organizational Capability, Waste, Profit, Economic Effectiveness of Enterprise, Resource Based-View, Economic and Theory of the Firm, Economic Organization

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100448

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