A Latent Human Error Model in Aviation Maintenance Tasks

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Jiong-Yu TuJen-Loong YongSheue-Ling Hwang

Abstract: In this study, an analysis model has been developed by taking Root Cause Analysis (RCA) method as the basic logic, Human Factor Analysis and Classification System (HFACS) as the factor source to find out the most important latent human error factor in aviation maintenance tasks. The research team dismantled the maintenance process and classified the error factors to design questionnaire, surveyed experienced staffs to rate factors according to their working experience, and finally established the model. Here are some conclusions of this study: First, the combination of RCA and HFACS is an easy use mode to investigate the causal inference and build the factor connection of collected data. Second, the developed model can successfully find some relative important / unimportant factors and provide a direction to design improvement plans. Third, the weighted average scores from the analysis outcome can be regarded as a weight to use in continuous research. And finally, this model may be modified to fit other similar maintenance tasks such as vehicles or precision electronic equipment maintenance, and may be changed to explore other types of human operating works, such as monitoring tasks.

Keywords: Latent Error, Aviation Maintenance Task, Root Cause Analysis, HFACS

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100451

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